Sunday Morning...

Sunday 21 June 2020

Today is Sunday, June 21, the day of the traditional "Fête de la Musique' in France. 

But this year, with Covid-19 health measures limiting public gatherings to no more than 10 people, most concerts will be virtual.

Sounded like a miracle but I woke up this morning to the virtual concert of one of my favorite artists: the extraordinary Mary Fahl.

Sunday Morning...

Mary performed from her living room and sang iconic songs from her October Project period, as well as from one of her most haunting album "Dark side of the Moon, and also from "Love & Gravity".

Mary Fahl is a storyteller, who deeply inhabits her songs.

Her voice is unique : "earthier, a dusky contralto". 

I'm eternally obliged to the "ThreeSongParty Fellowship" who introduced her vocal universe to me. (Los Angeles, 2001) : 

Amongst my favorite songs: Ariel, Something More Than This, Sunday Morning Yellow Sky, A lonely Voice, Going Home, Ben Aindi Habibi, Una Furtiva Lacrima, In the Great Unknown, Gravity, Exiles the wolves of Mindwinter, Dark Side of the Moon etc... (OK all of them :-) )


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